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3 Best Tile Floors for Kitchens

All kitchens have one big feature in common: they see a lot of water use. With a little gravity and some long-term splashing, your kitchen floors will see their share of water. Tile floors are one of the most common choices in kitchens, but which tile material is the right fit for your Indianapolis home?…
3 Kitchen Backsplash Tile Patterns Floor Coverings International Indianapolis North

3 Kitchen Backsplash Tile Patterns

Floor Coverings International Indianapolis North has a wide selection of tile options available for you to use as a kitchen backsplash in your Indianapolis home. Whether you’re interested in glass, marble, ceramic, or another tile material, come be inspired by some of these great kitchen backsplash tile patterns. Brick Pattern with Subway Tile Subway tile is a type of…
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Infographic: Important Floor Tile Factors

When it comes to choosing tile, there’s a lot to consider from durability to how slippery they could be. Luckily for you, the experts at Floor Coverings International Indianapolis North have all the answers to your questions and concerns here in this handy infographic.   Photo credits: Gordine, Kazoka, Prasit Rodphan
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Our Guide to Pet Friendly Flooring

We love our furry friends here at Floor Coverings International Indianapolis North, but we also know that they can cause mayhem to our floors. However, there are options for homes with even the most rambunctious pet. Check out what the experts have to say! Cork Cork’s moisture resistance and hypoallergenic qualities make it perfect for pets. Dander, fur, and…
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The Best Bathroom Flooring Choices in Indianapolis North

When it comes to bathrooms, choosing the right flooring is key. There are certain key elements you need for bathroom flooring: strength, water resistance, mold & mildew resistance, and long lasting durability. Our experts at Floor Coverings International Indianapolis North have the best bathroom flooring choices for homeowners here in Indianapolis. Porcelain & Ceramic Tile Porcelain and ceramic tiles…
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Infographic: Designing the Perfect Kitchen

Backsplashes, countertops, and flooring, oh my! There are a lot of pieces to consider when designing a kitchen, but it's not as hard to narrow them down as you may think. Here are three of the most durable and stylish flooring options for your next kitchen project.
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Unique Ideas For Bathroom Tile

Bathroom tile has the potential to make a bright and beautiful statement, yet homeowners often opt for standard, underwhelming designs. The technological advancements made with vinyl, the versatility of ceramic or porcelain, and the natural beauty of stone create a nearly endless selection of aesthetics and customizable opportunities. If you are interested in starting a…
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Timeless Flooring Styles

While home design trends change and grow on a yearly basis, there are some elements that seem to never go out of style. The classic look of hardwood, for example, is here to stay. Here at Floor Coverings International Indianapolis North, we understand the balance between choosing a material that fits the trends, but won’t look outdated in a…