indianapolis bathroom tile floor

All kitchens have one big feature in common: they see a lot of water use. With a little gravity and some long-term splashing, your kitchen floors will see their share of water.

Tile floors are one of the most common choices in kitchens, but which tile material is the right fit for your Indianapolis home? Floor Coverings International Indianapolis North presents to you this list of three excellent tile floor choices for kitchens.

Vinyl Tile Floors

This may not be the most obvious choice, but vinyl does come in tile form, and it can be installed in the kitchen. Beginning with a major advantage, vinyl is absolutely waterproof, which means it won’t suffer staining or soaking. On the other hand, vinyl tile floors may still be intersected by porous grout lines, which tend to absorb water over time and lead to mold or mildew. Avoid this by having your grout lines sealed with a protective finish.

indianapolis bathroom tile floor

Ceramic Tile Floors

A more traditional option in tile floors is ceramic, a malleable clay forged to durable new strength and rigidity in the flames of the kiln. Ceramic tile can come glazed or unglazed. The glazed version is a highly desirable choice for kitchens, boasting invulnerability to water. Of course, in a kitchen, where water makes it to the floor, glazed tiles can lead to slippage. Area or bath rugs can help to combat this factor.

Stone Tile Floors

Stone is a magnificent option in kitchen flooring, generating a current of elegance and nobility in any room. Stone tiles are porous, though, and while they can last an extremely long time in the home, they must be carefully maintained with protective sealants and non-acidic cleaning agents. If you don’t mind the maintenance, stone tile floors are a gorgeous and durable choice for kitchens.

Tiles and More!

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