indianapolis hardwood floor refinish

When hardwood floors become worn and weary, there is still hope. Hardwood is a long-term choice in flooring because of a process known as “refinishing.” This is a term that we use a lot, but what exactly is a hardwood refinish?

Today, the experts at Floor Coverings International Indianapolis North want to delve into the topic of refinishing hardwood floors for Indianapolis homeowners looking to put the shine back in their flooring.

When It’s Time to Refinish

If your hardwood floor is looking dull, dirty, or scratched up, it may be time for a deep clean. If that doesn’t do the trick, refinishing will! Key indicators that your floor needs refinishing may include extreme dryness, gaps in the planks, or grime. One insider tip is to drop a little bit of water on your floor. If the liquid is absorbed right away, you know it’s time for a refinish.

There are two options for scratched-up hardwood. One is buffing & recoating, and the other is the sand & refinish. The buff-recoat is the more straightforward of these two options. For hardwood floors that feature unwanted scuffs and scratches in the surface finish, the topcoat can be buffed and recoated for a relatively quick fix. If the damage is deep into the planks themselves, your next steps are sanding and refinishing.

indianapolis hardwood floor refinish

Sanding & Refinishing

Sanding and refinishing gives homeowners the chance to really renew and restore their hardwood flooring to its beautiful original luster. You can even re-stain the hardwood during this process. Essentially, the floor is sanded down to remove the sealant, scraping through wax, residual topcoat, and other materials.

Once your floor has been sanded down to bare wood, it is sanded more to eliminate any existing scuffs, scratches, dents, and other aberrations until the planks are smooth. Once a fresh topcoat of sealant is laid atop the floor, you have hardwood flooring that shines again.

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