While home design trends change and grow on a yearly basis, there are some elements that seem to never go out of style. The classic look of hardwood, for example, is here to stay. Here at Floor Coverings International Indianapolis North, we understand the balance between choosing a material that fits the trends, but won’t look outdated in a few years. If you’re looking for flooring to last the lifetime of your home, consider some of these timeless styles that will always be elegant, practical, and durable.


Hardwood Flooring IndianapolisHardwood

This classic choice takes first place for its quintessential appeal across cultures, generations, and locations. Solid wood floors not only have a long shelf life when they’re properly cared for, they also blend well even as interior design trends change. They can also be refinished and stained which offers you versatility and freedom of expression if you decide you want a palette change a few years down the road.


One great benefit of hardwood is its ability to match many different aesthetics. Whether you want the classic and mature look of Brazilian cherry, or a more bold and rustic style such as hickory, you can find a hardwood to perfectly match your interior.


Stone Tile Flooring IndianapolisNatural Stone

Natural stones have been used to highlight the wealth and elegance of civilizations for millennia. The ancient pyramids at Giza and iconic moments such as the Roman Colosseum or the grandiose palaces of Versailles all have stunning façades and floors made of stone. Today, technology to extract and manufacture stone has made it possible to achieve many different aesthetics and looks from glossy glamour to roughed-up rustic floors.


Natural stone is long lasting, attractive, and durable, ideal for high-traffic entryways or kitchen and bathroom floors where moisture exposure and damage is a concern. Stone tiles are also great for patio flooring, as they’re tough against the elements.


Carpet Flooring IndianapolisCarpet

Lastly, carpet is a flooring choice that will always stick around in various shapes and styles. Every decade has their own take on carpet, but carpet has never been absent from our homes. Carpet offers an irresistible comfort that is perfect for bedrooms and living rooms where you want to be able to lounge, relax, and unwind. You can never go wrong with a subdued and classic plush carpet in a neutral color, but we are also seeing bolder, patterned area rugs and stair runners enter homes in Indianapolis.


With the constant flux of modern, rustic, and minimalist trends, it’s best to pick a style that fits your unique lifestyle and home. Browse different natural and synthetic fibers and choose a durable and comfortable carpet that complements your existing elements.


Floor Coverings International Indianapolis North can provide you with the endless variety of timeless style at any budget. If you are interested in these beautiful flooring options, or maybe some of their synthetic counterparts, schedule a free design consultation and estimate today!




Photo Credit: © Artazum