Shower tile IndianapolisBathroom tile has the potential to make a bright and beautiful statement, yet homeowners often opt for standard, underwhelming designs. The technological advancements made with vinyl, the versatility of ceramic or porcelain, and the natural beauty of stone create a nearly endless selection of aesthetics and customizable opportunities. If you are interested in starting a tiling project in your bathroom, your local team of experts at Floor Coverings International Indianapolis North can help you!


Be Inspired

To break away from the traditional neutral colored bathroom design, look to unique designs from around the world as a source of inspiration. Natural stone tiles such as travertine sourced from the Mediterranean Basin bring a warm and weathered charm. Alternatively, Spanish ceramic tiles bring bold colors and intricate patterns to play if you want a sophisticated and exotic flair to impress your guests.


Stone Tile Bathroom AvonMix It Up

Mixing differently sized tiles will add visual intrigue to your bathroom. Large tiles will make your space feel larger, while more intricate tiles can create a beautiful pattern or mosaic. Natural stone tiles are irresistibly beautiful, yet not too kind on your wallet. Consider using natural stone as an accent and filling in the rest of the space with a complementary colored ceramic tile.


Shower Tile IndianapolisLook to the Past

History has a habit of repeating itself, and this does not exclude interior design. This year we’ve seen a lot of retro designs come back in style. Geometric shapes, checkered patterns, bright white porcelain, and subway tile have staked a claim in a lot of trends. However, be mindful of whether or not a look is considered a fad or a classic, as this could make a big impact on the resale value of your home.


Pay Attention to Trends

These days, you’re not likely to hear “no” when it comes to trying something new. Millennial pink has become the new black. Natural aesthetics have pushed out the metallic modern image. When designing your bathroom, listen to your own personal style and put your own touch in the look. Your home is the best place to showcase what you like, so be bold.



It is time to say farewell to cream colored tiles. Find your ideal aesthetic and let’s craft something unique. To get started on your custom bathroom project, contact Floor Coverings International Indianapolis North and learn more about the endless tile styles we carry for you. Call us today!



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