For those on the hunt for carpeted flooring alternatives, the number of possibilities are overwhelming. You are searching for something that will both catch the eye and comfort the foot, an option that is both aesthetically and textually pleasing. Homeowners of Indianapolis North, look no further, the friendly experts of Floor Coverings International Indianapolis North have exactly what you need: plush carpeting.

Aboutplush carpet in Indianapolis North

Plush carpeting features a sophisticated appearance that is gentle at the touch. It suits various demographics, numerous facilities and assorted homes, with its cozy feel. This carpet is versatile and can be dressed up for a fancy dining room or dressed down for a busy child’s playroom. It is known to be lower and denser than other carpeting alternatives, being likened to a freshly cut lawn in its appearance. With its variety of hues and styles, plush has countless variations to offer.


This carpet is made with a weave that is thick and fibers that are cut and left exposed at the surface to give it a smooth feel and leveled height. It is a pocket friendly option that ranges from basic to designer quality. Plush is made from a variety of materials, including natural and synthetic. In fact, some plush carpets incorporate recycled soda bottle materials into their fibers. While the density of the material and the twist of the yarn determine the price of the product, it is known to provide an excellent source of comfort at a truly affordable price.

Careplush carpet in Indianapolis North

Plush is the perfect choice for those seeking a low-maintenance flooring option. This carpet features protective bits on the surface of the fibers that work to repel messes and spills, ensuring that substances do not permanently cling to the carpet. Although plush can temporarily reveal travel and vacuum patterns, while heavy furniture can briefly leave impressions, this can easily be avoided by occasionally rotating your furniture. These simple, effective steps will keep your carpet looking new while rejuvenating your space in Indianapolis.

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