One of the most popular imported hardwoods on the market is Brazilian cherry. Brownsburg homeowners looking to upgrade their hardwood should be sure ask their local flooring team at Floor Coverings International Indianapolis North about this timeless beauty.


Brazilian Cherry in Indianapolis, Brownsburg, and AvonThe Basics

Brazilian cherry is farmed from Central and South America. As with any exotic hardwood, the price per square foot will be much higher than your average domestic hardwood. Brazilian cherry typically runs anywhere from $5 to $8. If your flooring project is on a tight budget, and depending on how large of a room you are looking to fill, this may not be the best choice. That being said, you will be paying for a superior product that will last longer than many other hardwood varieties.


Timeless Beauty

Brazilian cherry hardwood is famous for its bold and rich color. Although American cherry hardwood is named for the fruit it grows, Brazilian cherry is named for its red hues. Naturally, the hardwood has a fair amount of color variation, but it is the deep auburn that is most prominent across the board. The red tones are also contrasted by lighter streaks and grain marks that add character to your hardwood floors. While some homes may prefer a more uniform look, here at Floor Coverings International Indianapolis North we love the various warm hues of Brazilian cherry.


Brazilian Cherry Hardwood in Indianapolis, Brownsburg, and Avon Unbeatable Durability

It is very common for exotic hardwood to be harder than our domestic varieties, and Brazilian cherry is no exception. To measure the durability of hardwood, each species is given a score on the Janka scale. This score correlates to the amount of weight and pressure a species can withstand without becoming damaged. The most popular domestic hardwood, white oak, has a score of 1360. Brazilian cherry scores a 2350. There is no question that Brazilian cherry will be able to resist scratches and dents in even the busiest households. However, if any damage is acquired through the years, the mix of hues will help hide irregularities on the surface.


Care & Maintenance

If properly maintained, Brazilian hardwood could last many generations. Talk to your local flooring experts about the proper cleaning solutions and routines. Solid planks can be refinished upwards of 10 times to reclaim their original beauty if scuffs and stains have tarnished the surface. With such a valuable investment, it is essential that you protect the floors with a durable finish. Be sure to reapply the finish every few years to keep Brazilian cherry hardwood looking brand new.


Unique, beautiful, and durable, Brazilian cherry is truly everything you could want out of a luxury hardwood floor. If you want to look at samples in your home or receive a no-obligation price estimate for Brazilian cherry hardwood, call us today! Floor Coverings International Indianapolis North proudly serves the Indianapolis, Brownsburg, and Avon areas. For contemporary and rustic homes alike, Brazilian cherry is perfect for you!


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