If you are interested in finding a non-traditional flooring option for your Indianapolis home, look no further than hickory. This bold and unique flooring choice makes a unique statement and is perfect for rustic aesthetics. However, hickory is not only stylish but extremely durable and a valuable addition to any home. Learn more about hickory’s key features from your dedicated flooring team here at Floor Coverings International Indianapolis North!


Hickory Hardwood Indianapolis FlooringColor & Markings

Lovers of the natural and unique look of knotted wood will love hickory. This hardwood is known for extreme color variation that can vary from light, sandy hues to deep brown shades. The characteristic knots and grain marks are seen in brown-black shades that are prominently contrasted by the rest of the wood. Hickory has anything but a uniform profile and you are not likely to find two identical boards.

While this is appealing to some homeowners, not everybody will want such a wild style and it may decrease the value of your home if you can’t find a buyer with similar taste. However, if you plan to stay in your home for decades to come, this is a very valuable investment because of how durable it is.



The strength of all hardwood is measured on the Janka scale. The score a particular variety receives correlates to the amount of pressure in pounds that it can withstand. Hickory ears a score of 1820, which is exceptional for a domestic hardwood. This strength means that you won’t likely find any scratches, dents, or blemishes on the surface of the wood from everyday wear and tear. It will resist superficial damage and maintain its beautiful condition.

Hickory does not require any special treatment to keep it looking pristine. However, to ensure that it doesn’t acquire damage, apply a protective finish onto the surface of the wood. Talk to us about the best time to do this and how it affects installation. As you would with any hardwood in your home, be sure to sweep and mop regularly to keep harmful particles from damaging the sealant and exposing your wood. Lastly, one great quality of hickory is that if any damage does occur, the bold profile and extreme color variation will help mask irregularities as part of the overall aesthetic of the wood.


If you are interested in installing hickory in your Indianapolis home, call your local flooring experts at Floor Coverings International Indianapolis North! We bring the floor to your door with our mobile showroom and offer free design consultations. Schedule time today!


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