Starting a home improvement project can be overwhelming. While your heart is ready for the adventure, your mind is not quite sure where to begin. The market has an endless list of options, each having great potential to fulfill your dreams. The friendly professionals at Floor Coverings International Indianapolis North would like to lend a helping hand and join your quest! If hardwood ever crossed your mind, we would like to suggest hardwood flooring made from pine.

pine hardwood in indianapolis

About Pine Hardwood

Pine hardwood has an authentic feel. It is available in gorgeous hues that range from a rich amber to a golden brown. Pine features unique knots and is complementary to most decor styles. The knots associated with pine hardwood can give a modern or casual look and can enhance the mood and environment of any Indianapolis home. This is a versatile flooring alternative that allows Indianapolis homeowners to illustrate their individuality in numerous ways with a simple floor update.

Uses in the Home

This hardwood has a distinguishably gentle texture that makes barefoot walking comfortable. Pine’s soft makeup means there will initially be minor blemishes, however, this flooring becomes increasingly stronger over time.  It has fibers that compress again and again with traffic and weight, meaning this hardwood grows harder through the course of its lifetime. This is why pine floors have a reputation for successfully surviving for hundreds of years in homes around the world and in Indianapolis.

pine hardwood in indianapolis

How to Maintain

If minimum maintenance is a requirement for you, then pine hardwood is exactly what you need. This flooring offers a low maintenance tidying ritual similar to other hardwood floors. If immediate steps are taken when messes occur, your flooring will remain in excellent condition for many years. While it is unnecessary, there is no harm in taking extra steps to safeguard your pine hardwood. As long as you respond to accidents effectively and in an appropriate amount of time, you can be certain your floor will live a long and fruitful life.

Start Today!

We are confident that pine hardwood is a flooring that will meet your Indianapolis home renovation needs. The friendly professionals at Floor Coverings International Indianapolis North are happy to help the homeowners in the greater Indianapolis, Brownsburg, and Avon area. Call us today for a complimentary consultation! Our fun flooring team is looking forward to hearing from you.

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Photo credits: John Wollwerth