Refresh your home with a simple and affordable flooring update! It is easy to give your living or working space a lift with the help of the designers at Floor Coverings International Indianapolis North. We recommend red oak to those in Indianapolis considering hardwood due to its dexterous beauty and impressive strength! It is guaranteed that this flooring will meet your needs and more, promising a successful life when professionally installed and given proper care. Red oak will suitably service your Indianapolis home for many years and age with true grace and style.

red oak hardwood in Indianapolis northAbout Red Oak

This species of lumber is harvested in several locations across our nation, making it a budget-friendly flooring alternative. Sparse knots and a tight grain pattern with earthy brown tones are all factors that characterize red oak, illuminating an ever so slight reddish tint. It is noted as a porous wood that allows it to profoundly absorb and handsomely display any stain, making each floor unique and multifaceted. Red oak has a reputation for its stylistic versatility that gives our clients the artistic freedom to illustrate her or his uniqueness throughout time.

Design in the Home

Red oak is well known on the flooring market for its outstanding hardness and organic durability, which may appeal to homeowners in Indianapolis who consider themselves to be accident-prone. This lumber is naturally resistant to heavy traffic spots and modern-day abuses, boasting a 1290 on the Janka Hardness Scale, meaning that this hardwood doesn’t play games when it comes to strength. Red oak lumber has various talents, operating as gorgeous cabinetry, hefty furniture, and successful hardwood flooring alternatives for any specific atmosphere.

red oak hardwood in indianapolis

Cleaning & Maintenance

This flooring offers a cleaning regimen that is similar to its hardwood competitors and the friendly professionals at Floor Coverings International Indianapolis North recommend that homeowners consider red oak for its low maintenance requirements. Our staff members suggest immediately approaching messes in order to prevent the accumulation of dust which can potentially harbor foreign objects, ultimately scratching your floor. Dry mopping will keep moisture from relaxing and possibly warping. Implementing small actions toward cleanliness will promote the safety and success of your red oak hardwood.

Start Today!

Rejuvenate your Indianapolis space with the upgrade of red oak hardwood!  Call the experts at Floor Coverings International Indianapolis North to schedule a complimentary consultation and visit from our mobile showroom. We offer a wide variety of hardwood products to homeowners in the greater Indianapolis, Brownsburg, and Avon area.

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