Owning your own home is a great long-term investment and way to build personal wealth.  When you do own your own home, finding ways to improve its value and make it a more enjoyable place to live is a great idea.  Here in the Indianapolis North area, one of the best investments you could make would be to install walnut hardwood floors.   When looking to install walnut hardwood in the Indianapolis area, there are several factors and decisions to consider.

Domestic vs Brazilian

walnut hardwood in Indianapolis North

When looking to invest in walnut hardwood flooring, homeowners in Indianapolis North will first have to decide whether or not they want to buy domestic or Brazilian walnut floors, which are the two most popular options.  Domestic hardwood flooring typically refers to any hardwood flooring that comes from the United States or other areas of North American.  Brazilian walnut hardwood typically refers to any flooring that is originally sourced from Brazil.

One of the main differences between Brazilian hardwood and domestic hardwood is that the Brazilian variety is typically much harder.  Brazilian walnut, along with Brazilian cherry, hardwood is typically regarded as one of the hardest of all hardwood floor options.  While the domestic walnut variety is also pretty hard compared to other options, the Brazilian variety will end up being much more durable and scratch resistant.

One concern that many have about hardwood that comes from Brazil is the reputation that it is coming from an area of the rainforest that is depleting in size.  However, many farms and mills in the area now utilize sustainable techniques that involve replacing any tree that has been torn down, which can make it a very sustainable option.

walnut hardwood flooring in Indianapolis NorthWhere to Place Hardwood Floors?

When homeowners in the Indianapolis area are looking to install Walnut hardwood flooring in your home, there are many different areas of your home that could be improved with hardwood flooring. Some of the best places in your home to install hardwood flooring would include living rooms, bedrooms, always, and family rooms.

How to Maintain Walnut Hardwood

Whenever you do install hardwood floor in your home it would be a good idea to ensure that you have felt pads put underneath any furniture. This will help to prevent scratching from occurring. You should also do your best to keep the hardwood floors clean of debris and to use cleaning solutions designed for hardwood floors.  This will help to prevent scratching and will help to retain the shine of the floors.

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