You love your home. It embodies your unique personality and peculiar tastes. You are looking to make a small, affordable update to shake things up a bit. The friendly professionals of Floor Coverings International Indianapolis North recommend updating your flooring. Our experts are successful in helping others find the perfect flooring without breaking the bank. A popular flooring selection with Indianapolis homeowners is beautiful white oak hardwood.

About White Oakwhite oak hardwood in indianapolis north

White oak is a practical hardwood option that is domestic to us in the States, making it a reasonably priced and easily obtainable flooring alternative. Not only is this sturdy lumber used for flooring, but it can also be manipulated to build doors, cabinets, and caskets. The grade of white oak that you desire will influence the sale price, however, this means that there is definitely an option that will abide by your budget.


As tested and listed on the Janka Hardness Scale, white hardwood oak rates at a boasting 1360. Unlike other flooring alternatives, this has a strength that gives it the ability to resist dents that may occur from heavy furniture and our modern day abuses. White oak has a closed grain, meaning it is more resistant to water. This hardwood is often found in areas of the house where a flooring may be exposed to nature’s elements, including front door jambs

Design & Useswhite oak hardwood in Indianapolis north

White Oak is available in hues that range anywhere between a light to a dark brown. It features a mostly straight grain pattern with a medium to a coarse texture. Although this lumber is slow to dry, it absorbs stain in a deep way that allows for the figure of each grain to be on display. It welcomes house guests with its classic and refreshing oak wood scent.


For homeowners in Indianapolis hoping to find a low maintenance flooring option, white oak hardwood offers just that. Small steps toward cleanliness will help to prevent indefinite imperfections from befalling your new floor. Take immediate action as spills and messes arise, and implement simple cleaning habits to defend your floor from warping and molding. For additional safety precautions, routinely apply a sealant.

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This small, innovative flooring upgrade will have your home feeling new and refreshed! To learn more about white oak hardwood and its functionality in your work or home space, contact the helpful flooring experts of Floor Coverings International Indianapolis North today! Do not hesitate to call us for additional questions or for a complimentary consultation. We are proud to serve the greater Indianapolis, Brownsburg, and Avon area.

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