Travertine stone tiles represent the perfect combination of strength and style that make them a great option for flooring projects and beyond in your Indianapolis home. To help you learn more about travertine tile, the experts at Floor Coverings International Indianapolis North have created this useful guide for you.


travertine stone in Indianapolis North

What is Travertine?

Travertine is a limestone that forms in natural mineral hot springs. The minerals that make up travertine are the remains of ancient shells and fossils that gradually re-form into this sedimentary rock. Most travertine tiles are sourced from large quarries in Italy and Turkey.

In the Home

Travertine’s coloration ranges from sandy caramel to ivory and even light pink. A characteristic that distinguishes travertine is its porous nature. The size of the pores determine the quality of the stone, with smaller pores making for a high-grade stone and larger pores making for a mid-to-low-grade stone.

With fantastic durability and heat & shock resistance, travertine is great for high traffic areas of the home like the kitchen and entryway. It’s also a stylish material for kitchen backsplashes, countertops, and shower walls. Due to its strength and earthy coloration, it’s the perfect choice for outdoor projects including walkways and patios.


travertine tiles in Indianapolis NorthVariations

Travertine comes in several different cuts and sizes. The sizes vary, but the most common tend to be 4x4inch, 12x12inch, and 18x18inch tiles. The cuts are polished, honed, tumbled, and brushed. Since each variety is good for different applications, here’s a quick rundown of each:



Polished travertine is reflective and glossy. The holes of the stone are filled which create a smooth and sealed surface. These are great for backsplashes and countertops, but are not the best for flooring since they are quite slippery.


Honed travertine tiles have filled pores but are not reflective. These are great for flooring and interiors.


As the name suggests, these tiles are lightly tumbled in rock machines to buff off the corners. Tumbled travertine tiles tend to have smoother edges and more muted coloration.


Brushed travertine tiles are a rougher type of tumbled stone. The surface is unfilled and has a matted effect by being treated with wire brushes.


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